Exploring the Benefits of Eating Organic Foods

The benefits of eating organic food are plenty and that is why this industry continues to grow. Consumers want to know that they are eating foods which are very good for them. They also want to know that they are helping the environment. These are the main benefits that come from eating organic foods. Anything that is certified as being organic is at least 95% organically grown.

This means that no chemicals are used for them – not as sources of fertilizer, as pesticides, or as herbicides. That is important because such chemicals will end up remaining to some degree on these fresh fruits and vegetables. As we consume them those toxins enter our bodies. We are led to believe that they aren’t harmful but consider the number of people with serious health problems in our society it has many wondering if this is they reason why.

There is no reason to consume such harmful byproducts when you don’t have to. Organic foods taste just like those which do have chemicals so you aren’t sacrificing anything by purchasing what is safer for you to use. If the high cost of organic foods isn’t something you can handle then consider growing some of your own. There is plenty of great information online to walk you through such a process.

The soil in which fresh fruits and vegetables are grown organically is also healthy. Too many times with conventional methods the soil is completely depleted of the nutrients it needs. In time this means that the food won’t be able to grow there anymore. Then more and more farm land has to be cleared away from other types of habitats. This can have a negative effect on the various ecosystems that live there.

The water supplies are full of chemicals too from conventional farming methods. They wash into the lakes, rivers, and streams out there. Many forms of aquatic life including fish die from those chemicals. This results in the entire food chain of those living in the water being affected. Many other animals in these bodies of water feed off the fish. When the supply is low they can starve to death.

When it comes to the raising of animals for foods such as meat and eggs, conventional methods include using hormones and supplements. These can result in various negative elements getting into our own bodies when we consume them. Organically raised animals though only consume organic foods and they are never given hormones. As a result you can feel very good about what you eating.

As you can see there are certainly lots of benefits to eating organic foods. They offer us a very realistic way to get the foods we want without the harmful effects. By keeping humans healthier, allowing sources of aquatic life to be healthier, making sure the soil is able to continually grow our sources of food, and helping the environment there doesn’t seem to be anything negative about organic foods.

Reasons Why Organic Food Is Better

If you are like many other individuals, there is a good chance that you have heard that organic foods are healthier to eat. This may have caught your attention. If you are uncertain about making the switch to organic foods, you may be looking for reasons why you should. One of the most common questions asked is why organic foods are better? For a number of answers to that question, please continue reading on.

When it comes to organic foods, it is important to know that not just anyone can make organic foods. There are strict standards. Foods and organic food companies that are certified by the Quality Assurance International group (QAI) must undergo rigorous tests and meet very high standards. When this is done, all foods should be stamped with a Certified Organic by QAI sticker or label. This certification helps to give many comfort in knowing that the foods that they eat are truly healthy.

It has also been said that organic foods can help to lower the risk of cancer. Although the EPA does consider many chemicals, including weed killers and insect killers to be dangerous, they are still used on many of the foods, namely fruits and vegetables, that are sold today. This is not something that you have to worry about when buying organic foods. That is why many claim that organic foods can reduce your chances of cancer.

Another one of the many reasons why organic food is better for you is because it usually tastes better. This means that you and other eaters are more likely to eat more organic foods, as well as stick with organic foods or start a fully organic diet. These steps can help to improve your health. This is mostly due in part because vegetables and fruits are grown without the assistance of pesticides and other potentially harmful chemicals. Clean soil, which is required when growing organic foods, is likely to produce better results, which should mean better tasting food.

Although there are a number of benefits to eating organic foods, especially where health and wellness is concerned, many individuals are concerned with the cost. Yes, organic food does cost more money, but many still consider it to be well worth the cost. Some ask themselves if it is even possible to put a price tag on health. Even with the high costs of organic food, it is still possible to save money. You can do this by using organic food coupons, searching for organic food sales, and stocking up when you do find those sales. Many stores outline their weekly sales in store sale fliers or online. Organic food coupons can be found online or in weekend newspaper inserts.