Shift Planner for Restaurants

Arranging shifts in restaurants can be a tricky and tedious task. There tends to be a high amount of part time staff and high staff turnover which can complicate the allocation of shifts more. However it is through the use of employee scheduling software that restaurants are managing to plan shifts with ease. The shift planner software contains details of what time each shift runs, the amount of staff required for each shift, the employee type required for this shift and the pay rate. The hours each employee can work within the week is already stored within the system. The system then can automatically allocate shifts to employees only when they are available. Usually there is also a minimum and maximum amount of hours each employee can be allocated which is also taken into account.

Most shift planners these days are web based. This allows employees to login from any internet connected computer to see what shifts they have been assigned. Not only does this give them piece of mind that they know they have been allocated shifts and exact time of when they are working, they no longer have to get in contact with their shift manage during business hours to find out this information. The shift manager is free to get on with other work. If employees are happier in the workplace the turnover of new staff will not be so much.

In some of the latest software there is the facility for employees to request certain shifts for the next shift schedule. When the algorithm creates the next shift schedule it will try to assign the employee that shift. Although if multiple employees request the same shift, preference is given to the employee with the highest ranking and they are given the shift. The ranking is specified by the manager so they may take into account how longer the person has been employed by them, if they are a good worker or purely their position within company. Employee scheduling software also has facility to manage the time off and holidays taken by staff. When the employee was added to the system the manger will have specified the maximum number of days they can take off. An employee can then choose from their computer which days they wish to take off. If the shift manager approves then they are automatically removed the schedule for these days.

Commercial Restaurant Equipment

The commercial restaurant equipment is something else that you will be making decisions on. Having the right commercial restaurant equipment will be extremely important to the financial success for your restaurant. Not only is this decision important so you can be financially successful, but it is equally important for the health or food inspectors. Restaurant and health inspectors specifically look for what kind of equipment you have. So, where do you start? Here are just a few pieces of restaurant equipment that you will need for the success of your restaurant.

A very important piece for commercial restaurant equipment is the walk in freezer. There are so many choices when it comes to buying walk in freezers. First, you will need to figure out how much room that you will have in your facility for your walk in freezer. This will need to be added as you develop the floor plan for the facility. Also, you need your commercial restaurant equipment to be of good quality and solid make. Beverage Air is a well-known and reliable manufacturer of walk in freezers.

A glass display case is a piece of commercial restaurant equipment that you will need for a bakery. These can really give a great presentation to your store as well as the product placed in them. Most display cases may come with a temperature gage to make sure that there is not any spoilage of the product. This is an excellent feature for anyone in the food or restaurant industry.

Commercial ovens, such as those provided by American Range, are used in many different functions in a restaurant kitchen. You simply cannot run a successful food business without one. There are many varieties of commercial ovens. Some attach to walls and others that can be placed in the middle of the room. When considering a range for your place of business, make sure you take into consideration what kind of foods you are preparing. The type of commercial range you will choose will depend on the amount of traffic your facility is projecting to have as well as the most efficient layout of the burners.