Beverage Dispensers

Beverage dispensers are useful to have around, especially during parties or events where there are a lot of people. The dispensers allow the guests to help themselves with juices, teas, smoothies, slush, and all kinds of drinks. Additionally, the portability of beverage dispensers allows you to host the gathering in any location.

There are different types of dispensers available for any kind of drink, event or setting. You can get refrigerated, insulated, or non-insulated beverage dispensers.

All the dispensers have spigots or valves to serve the drinks. They also come with one, two, or even multiple containers or polycarbonate tanks that can carry up to 25 gallons or more. These containers may be interchangeable. Some models don’t even need containers, and instead mix the drinks inside the machine to ensure the consistency of flavor.

Refrigerated beverage dispensers typically need electricity to run. They have refrigeration systems inside to make sure that the drinks are always kept cold. Most containers are made of heavy-duty polycarbonate, while the pouring valves are made of stainless steel. Other models use plastic instead of steel.

Insulated beverage dispensers are designed with high-density polyurethane to keep the drinks warm or cold. Polyurethane is a common scratch-resistant and durable insulator for dispensers and similar products. These kinds of beverage dispensers are useful for parties that will continue for long hours.

Non-insulated beverage dispensers do not produce frozen drinks or keep liquid at a constant temperature, but they are the most convenient and easiest to transport. It does not need electricity and can be cleaned quickly. You can safely pop them into the dishwasher. It is ideal for picnics and other public gatherings because it can serve as a handy self-service drink station.

To spruce up your dispensers, you can get self-adhesive labels so people will know what drink they are getting. Most spigots and valves and replaceable, so you can get clean ones or simple change them to different color and style of your liking.

PEPSI is Now More Than a Soft Drink

The days when PEPSI used to merely be an aerated drink are far behind. This popular cola drink from the cola giant PepsiCo has evolved into a symbol, an icon of young India. The drink actually has an identity that people can relate too. PEPSI began as most other brands do, with regular celebrity endorsements from some of the favourite celebrities in Bollywood and on the cricketing scene. These endorsements helped the brand get popular and increased its market share tremendously. Some of the well known faces that have backed this brand include Shahrukh Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor, MS Dhoni and many more. All of these faces have had a very significant impact on the youth of India and therefore they served as ideal brand ambassadors.

PEPSI is one of the only aerated drinks in the country that seems to back almost every major event in the country. The industry that it seems to be the most obvious in is cricket. The drink has almost always been a major if not a title sponsor in all the major cricketing events in the country. The drink uses this sport as leverage and it shows support even through television commercials etc. The best example of this would be the ‘men in blue’ commercial during the last World Cup. Every time there is an international cricket tournament, the company brings out an advertisement to pledge their support to India.

A youth movement is perhaps the only soft drink in the country that has identified itself with the youth so much that it has even coined the name ‘youngistaan’. This means Young Hindustan. This movement is meant to make the youth of the nation identify with the drink, hence making it more popular with them. This popularity will obviously increase the sales and marketing figures considerably given that most of the population of India is the youth.