The Food Industry and Your Health

Of all natural laws, nutrition is perhaps the least understood and most often violated. While universities and colleges offer courses in this subject, the giant food industry dominates them. The food industry is a highly organized and complex global collective of diverse businesses that together supply much of the food energy consumed by the world population. They can see to it that the textbooks for courses in nutrition are keyed to their products, textbooks that tell the students of nutrition to beware of the “food faddist.” They ridicule organically grown foods and claim that there’s no harm in the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. They describe the mass produced, devitalized dead foods distributed through supermarkets around the world as wonderful inventions of food science.

The food industry is not working in the interest of your health. We need to stop corrupt politicians and power brokers in their corrupt vested interest practices and bring them to justice, but until we do there is something you can do right now: Think more carefully about the food you put into your body. Vote with your purchases, buy organic and buy healthy.

Here are five more reasons to buy organic foods: They taste much better. They give added value to a healthy and balanced diet. Organic fruits and vegetables aren’t covered in pesticides. Non-organic fruit and vegetables are and not all of it washes off. Even though the food industry claims that there’s no health risk from pesticide traces, wouldn’t you rather feed you and your family food that’s pesticide free? Food additives are not permitted in organic foods. There are no preservatives, stabilizers, hydrogenated fats, flavor enhancers, artificial colors, or sweeteners. There are no pesticides in organic milk, no hidden starches in organic baby food, and no residual antibiotics, growth hormones or BSE in organic meat. Buying organic foods helps the environment. Organic farming is an important way to keep ecosystems and rural communities healthy and alive.